Internationally Recognized Refrigeration Engineering Consultants

Commercial refrigeration system engineering has been a highly regarded core competency at Energy Squared and its predecessor companies for over 35 years. We have pioneered some of the most innovative, sustainable and cost-effective refrigeration system designs operating today worldwide.

Energy Squared principal, Clive Samuels, PE, is recognized internationally for his refrigeration system design leadership. Whether it is a supermarket, refrigerated food processing plant, restaurant or refrigerated warehouse, we can provide the engineering expertise to ensure optimized life cycle cost, environmental sustainability, practicalities and a highly reliable design that is effective and just works.


  • Full service refrigeration system design from evaluating and computing the heat load and optimum capacity requirements, to developing the optimum capacity control algorithms.
  • Installation oversight and supervision.
  • Commissioning and performance verification.
  • Continually updated knowledge of the refrigerant environment, and best solution for each application.

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