Energy and Incentives

Utility and Government Financial Incentives

Utility rebates and federal, state or municipal financial incentives, where available, can pay for up to 50%—or more—of an energy-efficient building system installation and reduce the payback period. Energy Squared can manage these rebate and incentive programs for you and help you secure funding. This includes all of the necessary pre- and post-audits and documentation required for utility rebate programs such as New Jersey Pay for Performance. Click Here to download our brochure.


  • Physical building system audit and follow-up report
  • Recommendations for energy conservation measures and upgrades
  • Pre- and post-measure modeling to determine the precise savings available
  • Design of the energy conservation upgrades
  • Project management and/or turnkey implementation

Whether the project involves new construction or a building energy system remodel, your Energy Squared team’s designs and practices comply with—or exceed—environmental directives and regulations, such as ASHRAE 90.1/90.2 and U.S. Green Building Council LEED Certification requirements.

New Jersey Pay For Performance (NJP4P)

Energy Squared is one of the leading energy engineering providers in the delivery of energy- efficient building system retrofit projects that can be partially funded by the New Jersey Pay For Performance program. This program provides for up to $1 million in incentives, per building, making these upgrade projects very viable financially.

Your projects can cost you considerably less and have much shorter paybacks while the energy-efficient retrofit makes your buildings less expensive to operate and maintain.

Energy Squared has attained millions of dollars in NJP4P incentives on behalf of our clients, reducing energy use by over 11M kWh annually. Our average incentive award per project through this program is over $200K.

Call us at 609-751-9655 or click here to contact our consulting engineers to learn more about our rebate and incentives management services.