What We Do

The scope of our MEPR engineering and design expertise and experience is comprehensive and fully responsive to the requirements of new construction or system upgrades and remodeling. Our passion for innovation and advanced building technologies results in customized facility solutions that meet your operational, financial and energy goals.


Mechanical & HVAC Mechanical & HVAC

Our HVAC and mechanical engineering will be designed to reduce energy costs, while ensuring occupant comfort and optimal environmental conditions.

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E2 has an experienced electrical engineering team that delivers the most advanced and innovative designs for new or existing buildings.

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Plumbing Plumbing

Our plumbing engineers are experts in the design, specification, installation and inspection of plumbing and water conservation systems.

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We have pioneered some of the most innovative, sustainable and cost-effective refrigeration engineering systems operating worldwide.

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Fire ProtectionFire Protection

Our fire safety engineers design building fire safety systems that prevent, detect, suppress and control the spread of fires and smoke.

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nergy and IncentivesEnergy and Incentives

We have the audit, utility rebate and financial incentive expertise to identify energy savings opportunities and reduce project costs.

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Commissioning Commissioning

E2 commissioning services ensure that a building’s engineered systems are installed, programmed and operating properly and as specified.

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Control Optimization Control Optimization

Energy management controls and building automation systems optimize facility performance and energy efficiency and reduce operational and life cycle costs.

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Combined Heat and Power Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Energy Squared provides combined heat and power, or co-generation, engineering services to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

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Turnkey Engineering and Project Management

Optimizing Facility Performance

Energy Squared provides a continuum of facility engineering, design, consulting, project management and commissioning expertise to ensure the designed systems are installed as specified and ultimately function and operate optimally as designed.

Our portfolio of synergistic engineering and design capabilities can be integrated to deliver a customized solution to your facility’s operational challenges and requirements whether new or remodeled. The result is a high-performance building that provides efficiency, comfort and reliability:

  • A fully functional, well-designed facility
  • Optimum and reliable indoor environment
  • Immediate and long-term energy cost savings
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs
  • Enhanced facility market value
  • Turnkey project management capabilities
  • A corporate halo of environmental intelligence and responsibility

Project Management: From Inspiration to Installation

Energy Squared has experienced project managers on staff who provide complete project management and administration of the engineered systems designed by E2. From pure project management to full turnkey implementation, check-out and commissioning of MEPR engineering, fire protection and energy conservation projects, we have the multi-disciplinary expertise to engineer and implement optimized building systems.


  • Perform all the required design and engineering work including development of the construction documents, detailing the new building MEPR requirements which will be designed to accommodate the owners requirements.
  • Provide detailed scope of work and the full specifications for bidding and construction.
  • Submission of signed and sealed engineering plans and specifications.
  • Provide technical reviews of all bids and proposals from contractors
  • Project kick-off and construction meeting attendance.
  • Engineering construction and work oversight
  • Project management
  • Commissioning