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Mitchell Frumkin, P.E.

Mitch Frumkin Energy Squared LLC

A prolific speaker and author, Mitchell has become an industry leader in transitional and sustainability strategies for community associations. With a degree in Civil Engineering from Tulane University and an MBA from Rutgers, Mitch has focused a great deal of

Christopher Cupo

Chris Cupo Energy Squared LLC

Chris has over 15 years’ experience in construction management, and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in resolving on site construction problems and issues. Chris has a unique capability of uncovering solutions to complex MEPR construction related issues. Chris

Clive Samuels, P.E.

Clive Samuels Energy Squared LLC

With over 40 years of domestic and international facility engineering experience, Clive is a recognized leader in many aspects of building engineering and design, with a specific emphasis and passion in the design and development of optimized HVAC, refrigeration and

Allan Samuels

Allan Samuels Energy Squared LLC

For over 30 years, Allan has distinguished himself as an expert in the design of electrical controls and lighting engineering systems. A graduate of Oxford Polytechnic in England, Allan’s particular specialty, energy-efficient lighting systems, has earned him a stellar reputation